Freshers' Week 2012

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New arrivals? Let's get the party started!
Freshers' Week 2012 is here!

LF1 MEDSOC proudly presents to you this Freshers' Week 2012! We have a great line-up of events, including chilled day time events and to big nights out! There is something for everyone!

This is a great opportunity to meet people, enjoy the party, and get to know each other before school officially begins.

Here's what our Events Team have got lines up:

*Friday 21st September*
Badge Party @ Solodní Jistota Club (Pštrossova 21)
Entry: 50 Kč

Time: 21:00

A great chance to get to know your classmates as well as the Guides. It'll be very fun! Bring your party spirit!

*Monday 24th September*
Lunch with Guides followed by Treasure Hunt
Ends up in Riegrovy Sady. 
Time: 12:00 
Location: Location for lunch will be given by your Guide

This will be a great day where you can travel around Prague and get a feel of the city while getting to know your Guides and classmates and finish with a few drinks in the park.

*Tuesday 25th September*
Laser Tag Game 
Meeting point at Cross Cafe (I.P. Pavlova)
Time: 16:00
Price: 140 Kč

If you are interested in meeting medical students from other facultIes while taking short trip outside our central Prague bubble, come and join the fun!


*Friday 28th September*
Movie Night @ Klub K4 (Celetná 20)
Entry: 50 Kč
Time: 20:00 

Or if that doesn't float your boat...

Bar Crawl 
Meet at Klub K4 (Celetná 20) at 22:30

*Saturday 29th September*
WELCOME BASH @ Klub Lávka (Novotného Lávka 1)
Entry: 100 Kč
Time: 22:00 - 05:00

This is the big one! Each year we get almost 1000 students at the party from all medical faculties in Prague. Do not miss it, it's going to be huge!

Give Blood

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As medical students, we spend hundreds of hours pouring through blood cells sizes, memorizing clotting times and trying to decypher what on earth paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is. Although today blood may mean these things to you, to countless victims of trauma and disease, blood means life. 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime, it is needed every 2 seconds in hospitals and in less than half an hour between classes, you can quite literally help save multiple lives. There are dozens of statistics and reasons to donate, but the only reason you need your own. Whatever your reason to donate is, your LF1 MEDSOC Board and Tamir Kaplansky have been working hard to make the process as quick and simple as possible.

So what do you need to do?

Come to 'Fakultní transfuzní oddělení' (enter the General Teaching Hospital from U nemocnice and turn right to Building A12) between 10 AM - 2 PM on Thursday, May 17th.

What you need to bring:
1) Some form of identification (an ISIC card is enough),
2) Proof of Health Insurance (both Czech and foreign will be accepted)

And that's it. The staff and forms will be in English and foreign insurance will be accepted. We will have friendly student volunteers to help you through the process and a delicious treat for you when you're finished.

If you have any questions or hesitations email Shrey at vpss©

LF1 MEDSOC Has a New Board!

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LF1 MEDSOC is here to make sure you have the best experience possible at University. We are run by students for students. You can have your say in what the LF1 MEDSOC does and how it is run - so we urge you to take advantage of one of the many ways you can get involved. 

This year our board is extra dedicated to give you support. We want to help you in all the ways that so many of us need assistance. This includes providing academic help, creating a support network that the student body can rely on for issues such as visa, health, and Guides for 1st year support. We'd also like to bring you activities that help to bring student together as a community, which means daytime events, arts, cultural, charity, volunteering, as well as the classic nights out. 

Everything the board decides, and current matters concerning the running of the organisation are displayed in the Minutes. Feel free to check them out and let us know if you have any concerns!

If you have any general enquiries or suggestions, please send an email tolf1medsoc©

I'm Nabeel and I'm your President. I'm from England, but I have my roots in both Pakistan and India and I'm currenly a 4th Year medical student. I'd like to think Im a friendly, genuine person so feel free to email me and ask me about anything, it would be my pleasure to help. I've spent a few years giving pastoral support to many students, both in the form of formal teaching posts, and also informal help. I have a wide range of interests ranging from traveling/backpacking and photography, to snowboarding, skateboarding and guitar. I wholeheartedly love this city in which we all live, and I see many opportunities around us that will bring the student body together as a community. This is my main purpose - to help all of you guys maintain a well rounded fulfilled student life so you are happier, and of course this would reflect in your studies. 
Email:   president©

Hello everyone, I'm Shrey and I'm your representative for Student Support. I'm currently a 3rd year medical student. If you have a hard time answering the question: "Where are you from?", then I'm with you. Having grown up in India, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, I've been left with the oddest combination of interests, from cricket and curling to Rahman and Raphael. I'm hoping that this year we can celebrate the same diversity of interests and culture in our student body. In the past, I've been in charge of operations for one of North America's largest high school conferences, held a board position on an NGO and been in various positions in many other organizations. I'm bringing this experience to the portfolio of Student Support with the hope that I can work with you to make some concrete improvements to student life at our school. Studying medicine and dentistry is hard enough, everything else should be just a little easier.
Email:   vpss©

Hey, I'm Panagiotis, 3rd year student currently your VP Academic Affairs. Growing up in Cyprus with the sunny weather, I went to a public school and had an ordinary life. I was a member of the national Cyprus handball team and traveled around the world meeting foreign players and gaining new friends. Leaving school, I joined the army as a second lieutenant. I had to supervise a number of soldiers and this gave me a critical thinking skills in times of need. What I gained from this experience is the strong sense that many people cooperating together can achieve what a single person cannot do alone. I enjoy working out, meeting with friends and drawing in my free time. My aim is to eradicate the inbuilt feeling of survival that everyone is gaining during exams and show to everyone how cooperation decreases competition and increases results. Changing a mentality is a difficult thing but I'm looking forward to face the challenge having by my side those that want to see a change. 

Email:   vpaa©

Hi, I’m Wanna and I am your Vice President of Activities and Media. I’m currently a 3rd year dentistry student and a Thai-wanese (mix of Thai and Taiwanese). Having grown up in two of the most exotic countries, and studied in an American international school, it has given me some of the best memories in life and shaped me into a person that loves experiencing diverse cultures, meeting new people, and challenges. I like to travel, design, outdoor sports, help out people in need, plan parties, gather friends together, and record all those happy moments through camera lens. Seeing peoples’ smiling faces is one of my biggest motivations to plan more fun parties and activities. Here is one of my favorite quotes, “nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer”.

Email:   vpam©


Hey, I'm Paymon, your Treasurer and currently a 2nd year medical student. I was born in the UK, in Manchester, but currently I live in sunny Cyprus. My roots are from Persia, yeah like the cat (sounds friendlier than Iran). I enjoy playing music, working out (preferably on the beach), skateboarding and traveling around the world. I have a deep passion for the ocean, which has lead me to pursue successive qualifications in scuba diving. I am currently a rescue diver, and have dived in many continents building a portfolio of photography of the most exotic sea life around the world. I consider myself a friendly and helpful guy and I'm eager to contribute to LF1 MEDSOC in the upcoming academic year.

Email:   treasurer©







Raising Hope aneb anglická paralelka pro české nemocnice

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Že snaha pomáhat rozhodně nemá své hranice se můžeme přesvědčit díky neziskové organizaci RAISING HOPE, která vznikla v roce 2012 na 1. lékařské fakultě. Jedná se totiž o charitativní projekt anglické paralelky, který má pomoci dětskému centru Thomayerovy nemocnice v Krči. 

Možná jste si všimli 7. a 8. března studentů, kteří na několika místech fakulty prodávali koláčky a dortíky. Tento Bake Sale dokázal během dvou dnů, díky štědrosti dárců a hladových studentů, vybrat na 30 000 korun, které byly následně věnovány výše zmíněnému dětskému centru. Díky snížení jejich financování totiž dlouhodobě hrozí omezení činnosti tamní péče, proto se naši studenti rozhodli přispět a zviditelnit tento problém. 

Podrobnější informace můžete najít na oficiálních stránkách nadace RAISING HOPE. Koordinátorkou projektu je studentka Avani Shah, která vysvětluje zájem studentů o osud centra: 

"Raising Hope is a non-profit organisation set up by Medical and Dental students from the English Parallel. We aim to help provide funding and political awareness for the Children’s Centre at Thomayer Hospital in Krč.

I have always loved working and spending time with children. I first visited the Centre during our Public Health lesson and immediately fell in love with the children and had great admiration for the wonderful and loving job the staff do at the Centre.
We later spoke to the Director and she told us that the Centre was at risk of closure due to inadequate funding and changing political policy. I couldn’t imagine where these children would all go and what they would do if they didn’t have the support at this wonderful home. 
I decided I had to do what I could; I contacted fellow students and friends to start a group in order to come up with ideas to help raise money and also awareness for the situation that the Centre faces.

All the students in our faculty (both English and Czech parallel) have shown great support for Raising Hope and been extremely generous donating their time and their money to help us support these children. Only because of this generosity have we been successful in starting this project and raising so much money in such a small amount of time.

I really hope support for Raising Hope continues to grow and we can all work together to help these children hold on to their home."

                                                                                                                                                                      Avani Shah

Více informací k nalezení na stránkách organizace:

Spring Ball 2012

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The annual Spring Ball is coming!

The most anticipated event of the year will once again take place in the magnificent settings of Ambassador Hotel on Saturday 17th March. 

A night of music, champagne and friends awaits you at the annual Spring Ball 2012.

For the first time ever, LF1 MEDSOC are offering you the true ball experience.

This year we are offering you two types of tickets, a Ball ticket and an Entertainment ticket. 

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